Owl Mask
New Information on Glozel:
Two Books about the Site and Recent Scientific Analyses
Photo by Robert Liris



Centre International d'Etude et de Recherche
(International Center of Study and Research )

Cultural Center Valery Larbaud
Rue du Maréchal Foch
03200 VICHY
President: Jacques Thierry
Director: René Germain

CIER arose from the association of independent scholars and university staff members, from France and from other countries, who had been attempting to respond to defamatory attacks on the objects discovered at Glozel. To provide proof for the authenticity of Glozel, it was necessary to transfer the debate to scientific grounds. CIER was formed for this purpose. Since 1999 comparative studies and objective analyses undertaken by member of CIER have provided valuable new information about Glozel. Another objective of CIER has been to sustain Emile Fradin in his fight for the truth.

From the beginning, two methods to achieve these results were followed:

  • First, research, as much relating to the artifacts themselves as to the geographical, historical, and cultural contexts that led to their realization.
  • Secondly, the diffusion of the results of the research by means of conferences, and especially in the course of an annual conference uniting the researchers and the public.

Faced with the number of objects present today in the museum, a thematic study became necessary. Each conference has had a special focus.

The Glozel Conferences

1996: Glozel, a Comparative Study: The Structure and Typology of Tombs from the Neolithic to the Medieval Period
1999: New Results of Scientific Analyses
2000: Urns and Funerary Vases
2001: Bisexual Idols and Other Unusual Objects
2002: Lithic Material: Flint, Engraved Pebbles, Schist Rings...
2003: Material in Bone and Ivory
2004: Inscribed Tablets
2005: Summary of the Work of CIER: Interpreting Glozel

Conference results have been published each year and can still be obtained by writing to CIER at the address above. In the course of the last eight years, research papers have been given on a wide range of subjects. Selected reports are listed below.

From the 1st Conference, 1996:
  • Prehistoric Tombs in the Allier Departement, M. Piboule
  • The Fosse Ovale, A.M. Juaneda Caliver
  • Burial Methods in the Middle Ages, M. Franc
  • Tombs with an Oval Burial Chamber, René Germain
  • The Human Bones of the Glozel Tombs, M. Latour
  • Sites of Funerary Memory, M. Labarrère-Delorme

From the 2nd Conference, 1999:

  • Thermoluminescence Dating at Glozel, Hugh McKerrell
  • Analyses of Glass and Pottery, Hugh McKerrell
  • An Analysis of the Glozel Writing and Grammar, Hans-Rudolph Hitz
  • Some Observations on the Animal Engravings of Glozel, Alice and Sam Gerard
  • The Bisexual Idols of Glozel, Guy Lesec and Robert Liris
  • The Carbon-14 Dating of Glozel Artifacts, Hugh McKerrell, Douglas Donahue, Alice
  • Gerard, Jeannnette O' Malley
  • The Analysis and Dating of Bone Objects from Glozel, Hugh McKerrell and Alice Gerard
  • New Observations on Some Human Bones from Glozel, Patrici Soto-Heim
  • The Human Bones of the Glozel Museum. Michel Latour

From the 3d Conference, 2000:

  • Seventy-Three Years of English Glozelphobia, Alice Gerard
  • Urns and Funerary Vases, René Germain
  • The Inscriptions on the Glozel Vases, Hans-Rudolph Hitz
  • On the Persistence of Linguistic Influences, Serge Soupel
  • Palynological Study of the Site, Sam Gerard
  • The Lithic Industry of the Glozel Museum, Claire Gaillard
  • Remarks on the Gloze Harpoons, Patrick Ferryn
  • The Symbol of the Bifid Serpent, Guy Lesec and Robert Liris
  • The Idol with the Head of an Owl, Robert Liris, J. Prachinetti, and Guy Lesec

From the 4th Conference, 2001:

  • The Schist Rings of Glozel, Alice Gerard, Hans-Rudolph Hitz, and Roslyn Strong
  • Remarks on the Human Bones, Patricia Soto-Heim
  • Bisexual Idols and Unusual Objects, René Germain
  • An Interpretation of the Small Polypoid Ceramic Objects, Robert Liris
  • An Unknown Animal at Glozel, Michel Latour

From the 5th Conference, 2002:

  • The Stone Artifacts, René Germain
  • The Glozel Area: The Idea of a Sanctuary, Serge Soupel
  • Writing and Language in the Glozel Inscriptions, Hans-Rudolph Hitz
  • Glozel Inscriptions on Small Pebbles, Schist Rings, Large Pebble and Objects of
  • Adornment, Hans-Rudolph Hitz

From the 6th Conference, 2003:

  • The Scientific Analyses of Glozel, Alice Gerard and Hugh McKerrell
  • A Comparative Study of the Glozel Inscriptions, Hans-Rudolph Hitz
  • New Historic Perspectives on the Gaulish Language and on Glozelique, Serge Soupel
  • The Excavations at the Ring-Souterrain of Puyravel, C. Rigondet
  • The Bone and Ivory Artifacts, René Germain
  • Sculptured and Engraved Bone and Objects of Adornment, René Germain
  • Glozel Inscriptions on Bone, and Inscriptions from Puyravel on Stone, Hans-Rudolph Hitz
  • The Uniqueness of the Sound-Producing Objects from the Glozel Museum, Robert Liris

Some of these reports are available as pdf files on this site.

Members of CIER

  • Gerard ATLAS, psychohistorian, Long Island University
  • Nadine BERTELIER, Chief Curator of the Patrimony
  • Cristina BIAGGI, sculptor and art historian
  • Douglas DONAHUE, Carbon-14 Laboratory, University of Arizona
  • Claire GAILLARD, researcher at CNRS, specialist in prehistory at the Institute of Human Paleontology
  • Sam GERARD, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
  • Alice GERARD, independent scholar of archaeology
  • Professor René GERMAIN, University of Saint-Etienne
  • Professor J. L. HEIM, physical anthropology, Musée de l'Homme
  • Dr. Hans-Rudolph HITZ, student of ancient languages
  • Michel LATOUR, school instructor
  • Dr. Guy LESEC, physician and psychohistorian
  • Robert LIRIS, professor of history and psychohistorian
  • Dr. Hugh MCKERRELL (deceased), chemist and archaeologist
  • Jeannette O'MALLEY, C-14 Laboratory at the University of Arizona
  • Jean-Louis PIGEON, professor, internet specialist
  • Professor Norman SIMMS, University of Waikato, student of languages
  • Dr. Patricia SOTO-HEIM, anthropological laboratory of the Musée de l'Homme
  • Professor Serge SOUPEL, Sorbonne University, Paris
  • Dr. Jacques THIERRY, Inspector General of National Education


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